BrightStart Centers Enjoy Trick-or-Treat

Masks may be common this year, but they can’t stop fun, which is very contagious Here is a scary thought: Some kids might not enjoy…Continue readingBrightStart Centers Enjoy Trick-or-Treat

Power Couple, Heroes & Icons Shine at BrightStart Orlando

Buffet of Fun Entertains Patients Just when you think it might cool down, the fun was heating up at BrightStart Orlando on Friday. Our friends…Continue readingPower Couple, Heroes & Icons Shine at BrightStart Orlando

Girl Power at BrightStart Sanford

Dark Night Accompanies with Bat-Chivalry Wait a minute – is it nearly Halloween, or is it just Tuesday? Yes, it’s just Tuesday at BrightStart Pediatrics…Continue readingGirl Power at BrightStart Sanford

BrightStart’s 2020 Halloween Trailer

Stuck inside this year for trick or treat? Might as well scare yourself silly with our Halloween message!Continue readingBrightStart’s 2020 Halloween Trailer

All About Safety

See how we’re keeping BrightStart the safe option for families. BrightStart PPEC centers serve medically fragile children – even when safety is a nationwide concern.…Continue readingAll About Safety

Just what we needed: Superheroes!

Our fun sense is tingling. Here it is, September already, and you must be wondering: Where is all the fun? It just so happens that…Continue readingJust what we needed: Superheroes!

We’re open, we’re safe, we’re happy.

It’s all about safety.  We’ve been working with our Medical Directors to develop, review and implement new infection control protocols. These comprehensive changes ensure the…Continue readingWe’re open, we’re safe, we’re happy.

Holiday Magic Unwrapped at BrightStart Sanford

What do you know – Santa did have one last stop on his way to the North Pole, and it was at BrightStart Sanford! With…Continue readingHoliday Magic Unwrapped at BrightStart Sanford

Santa Puts ‘Oh!’ in BrightStart Orlando

A stormy Central Florida Wednesday could not keep away the holiday cheer – Mr. Kringle and his elves paid a visit to BrightStart Orlando! The…Continue readingSanta Puts ‘Oh!’ in BrightStart Orlando

BrightStart Winter Garden Wonderland

Maybe it was just another Tuesday for most people – but for BrightStart Winter Garden, it was a big red deal! Santa Claus arrived with…Continue readingBrightStart Winter Garden Wonderland