Zoo Times Two

Zootopia Day Welcomes Noah’s Landing Petting Zoo

Take Three: Always work with kids and animals!

Today’s spring break update comes to you from two days – Tuesday and Thursday.

Literally a pig in a blanket. That’s all we have for this caption.

Tuesday’s chilly morning hosted our friends from Noah’s Landing at Winter Garden. But what’s a party without all your friends? So the crew from BrightStart Orlando hopped aboard the party bus to join the animal action.

When you text your friends “What are you wearing?”
“I can make adults do anything I want. What’s your superpower?”

Most BrightStart kids are experienced veterans of the zoo experience and it was a great day at Winter Garden with remarkably brisk temperatures.

He sees you when you’re sleeping … he sees you at spring break! Santa made a surprise visit at Winter Garden with a belated holiday gift for BrightStart’s photographer. (It’s a Bomber hat – go Bombers!)
For the first time in a while the tables were turned on Pete, who wound up on the business end of the camera lens.

Fast forward to Thursday and Noah’s Landing put aground at BrightStart Sanford. A host of eager and slightly hesitant patients got to see, touch and hear the visiting animals.

You’ll notice that dressing the part and accessorizing are key ingredients to preparing for animal encounters.

Sanford wildlife watched the activity from nearby.

Thanks to Candiss and Morgan for bringing all their awesome animals to visit with us at BrightStart! As always, thanks to all of our friends at Noah’s Landing Petting Zoo – you can learn all about them here.

Well, with a moo-moo here and a moo-moo there, take a look at our latest photo gallery!