Another Bright Start To Summer

Keeping it splashy & flashy

BrightStart Pediatrics PPEC. You know, the sun shines here everyday.

However, we still can’t control the weather … yet. In the summer, Wednesdays at BrightStart are Wet Wednesdays.

No need to worry – if things get out of hand, Karen can always bail us out.

But this is Florida, after all, and Wednesdays don’t always cooperate. In that case, the patients bounce back inside to the bounce house, as they did yesterday in Orlando.

Beach bodies don’t just make themselves – a few push-ups before hitting the pool deck really brings the ‘wow’.

BrightStart Rules say that any day can be ‘wet’, so water fun for patients is not confined to alliterative days of the week. Hence the aquatic antics at BrightStart Sanford which take place on Thurs-yay™!

From the smallest to the biggest, patients enjoyed pool time and as many toys as possible. A small private beach was also available.

Local ducks and ducklings stopped by to observe.

As the summer goes on, we’ll have a look at the water works at all of the centers. Right now, it’s time to get a towel and sunglasses – our new photo gallery will take care of the rest!

Seriously … resistance to me is futile.