Pediatric Therapy for Orlando, FL

At BrightStart Pediatrics, we are passionate about the pediatric therapy we provide for your child. Physical, Speech and Occupational therapies are key for the progress of a medically fragile infant or child. Regardless of the need, the BrightStart therapy team treats pediatric patients with plenty of love.

Pediatric Physical, Speech and Occupational therapies are available to our patients in Orlando, Sanford and Winter Garden.

Personalized Pediatric Therapy Services

Physical, Speech and Occupational therapies are provided on site at each of our PPEC centers. Our dedicated pediatric therapists are focused on improving the abilities of our pediatric patients.

Therapy in the BrightStart Pediatrics PPEC program centers primarily around habilitation. Habilitation refers to guiding a pediatric patient to develop skills they do not yet have. This is different than the more familiar term rehabilitation, which involves development of abilities or skills that have been lost or compromised because of illness or injury. Rehabilitation can also be part of our program, based on the needs of the patient.

In terms of habilitation, Physical Therapy may work on crawling, walking and similar movement activities. Speech Therapy develops oral motor skills needed for speech as well as sucking, swallowing, and chewing. Occupational Therapy helps children learn and play independently by exploring their environment using their hands and other senses. 

The therapy team evaluates each child and develops a specific, personalized treatment plan. Regular attendance at PPEC allows the therapist a consistent schedule to apply treatment while coordination with pediatric nursing helps promote therapy goals.

If you are searching for Physical, Speech or Occupational therapy for your medically fragile child, get in touch with us through our contact page, where you will find links to our centers in Orlando, Sanford and Winter Garden.