Smiles and Sunshine

A Perfect Combination

We hope you spent your first Saturday of May with all the cool kids at the Make ‘m Smile event!

Perfect Florida weather was on tap to host the 22nd annual celebration. Attendance has typically been in the tens of thousands and we’re pretty sure BrightStart can take credit for a good amount of those smiles.

BrightStart and the Central Florida Dreamplex sponsored the Roaming Attitude Patrol (RAP). If you were not smiling, you will be after they visit you.
Our tent neighbors were cool until we started acting up.

The BrightStart crew made so many new friends!

I’ll smile when I’m good and ready.

The highlights of our day were the special moments we got to visit with some of our graduate BrightStart families. Where does the time go?

While our BrightStart crew was giving out little goodies (Pencils! Did you get a pencil?) it was our extended family of face painters who put in some serious hard work for the day.

Their artistry was a big hit and there was not a moment that someone wasn’t waiting for their turn to get decorated. Thank you Claudia, Yazmin and Evelyn!

Arrrgh! Pirates! Lake Eola was just crawling with them! While we did not witness any actual piracy, we applaud the bravery of this swan boat group.

Sharon perpetuates the myth of her retirement with this interpretive dance.

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by to visit with us! We were so touched to see so many faces from our BrightStart family.

If you missed it, you’re in luck – we have a photo gallery to share. Smiles guaranteed – so dig in!