Zoo With A View

Sunshine and Smiles for Spring Breakers

The sun shines every day at BrightStart Pediatrics, but as a bonus we had lots of sunshine for Thursday’s Spring Break 2023 activity at Winter Garden.

If any of these animals look familiar, it’s because this is the second visit from Noah’s Landing Petting Zoo… yes, it’s Petting Zoo, Part Deux.

BrightStart caregiver with patient and baby goat.

And if some of those patients look familiar then it’s because a group from BrightStart’s Orlando center made a road trip to get their hands on furry and feathered things.

BrightStart caregiver and patients in wagon.
Just making a quick Starbucks run, hold my place!
Sharon in a field.
Can you hear me now?

Lots of kids were kind enough to bring family members for a day of learning about animals, and learning how much everyone wants to adopt a baby goat.

BrightStart nurse with baby goat.
Deja vu! This looks so familiar…
BrightStart nurse with baby goat.
One of our new kids.
BrightStart therapist with baby goat.
Another of our new kids. (You will probably see this caption again. And again.)
BrightStart patient in the grass.
When your shirt is an understatement.

There’s still a whole day of spring break left, and it’ll be filled with plenty of shenanigans. (See what we did there?) Meanwhile, time to say goodbye to our animal friends and say a big thank you to their handlers, Candiss and Carlee.

BrightStart patient at fence.
Our Escape Therapy program teaches toddlers that if you can’t go through a gate …
BrightStart patient under tent.
… you can climb up over the gate on the tent frame. (Not really, but we had you there for a minute.)
BrightStart patient with leprechaun.
Today’s vocabulary word is doppelgänger.

If you didn’t get a chance to join us or were too afraid to pick up a chicken, you can safely view our latest photo gallery and see everything you missed.