All Fired Up At Winter Garden

BrightStart Patients Get Ringside Seat for Training

It was a red-hot Friday at Winter Garden!

BrightStart Winter Garden patients visit with fire fighters and tour their truck.

Patients at BrightStart Winter Garden got an unexpected treat when a crew from Station 22 conducted training at a newly constructed building just across the parking lot.

BrightStart Winter Garden patients watch Station 22 fire fighters in training.

Who doesn’t love fire trucks? Especially ones that send fire fighters way up in a bucket! The weather was perfect to watch the fire fighters, who then took the time to show the gang around a truck and dish out high-fives.

A BrightStart Winter Garden patient visits with a fire fighter.
BrightStart Winter Garden patients get high fives from a fire fighter.
BrightStart Winter Garden patients tour a fire truck.

Had there been gear to fit them, it’s likely our group might have asked to have fire station therapy for the rest of the day.

Many thanks to our friends from Winter Garden Station 22, who were so gracious with their time and interaction with our little patients.