Wild Start for Spring Break

Patients Celebrate with Furry & Feathered Friends

After most of 2020 was cancelled (you heard about that, right?) BrightStart Pediatrics was thrilled to welcome back a Spring Break tradition, our friends from Noah’s Landing.

In fact, we doubled-down on the fun by hosting the zoo at two of our locations in order to get the experience to all three centers. That’s a lot of math, we don’t expect you to follow along, so we’re adding lots of pictures.

Nurse Karen’s busy morning gets started with quick assessments on the new kids.

Somebody’s bound to ask, so let’s get this out of the way: Behind the fun BrightStart’s activities for Spring Break 2021 were carefully reviewed and coordinated in review with our medical directors.

Chickens? Yep. Squealing baby pig? Oh yes. Goats? But of course. The real jump up and down moments were the surprise animal guests – a wallaby and a turtle! BrightStart patients had their hands and eyes full enjoying the assortment of animals in perfect spring conditions.

BrightStart gives a special thanks to our friends at Noah’s Landing – Candiss and Carlee. You can learn more about them here.