Levitation Therapy at BrightStart

Activity Has Patients Walking on Air

While we’re excited with our new and highly experimental Levitation Therapy, we caution you not to try this at home.

BrightStart Pediatrics has been delivering our unique PPEC program to families in Central Florida for more than fifteen years – always with a cutting edge and very complex care delivery model.

Our incredibly sophisticated method has three parts: Nursing, therapy and love.

An Orlando patient documents her findings as part of our 2021 Fun Factor Initiative.

That’s a lot to unpack, we know – so we’ll simplify things with a few photos.

Here is a peek inside our operations at BrightStart Orlando, where on a typical day new and exciting treatments are being developed, like bubble fun. When administered in sunlight, bubble fun has proven beneficial to our pre-school aged patients.* 

This Orlando patient reacts to the suggestion that some people may not know about the BrightStart Pediatrics PPEC program.

We’re looking forward to a busy year and we hope you’ll check in with us often for a little sunshine!

* This claim has not been evaluated by our medical directors. Instead, we are relying on direct feedback from patients. Seems pretty good.