Super Kids Occupy BrightStart

BrightStart League of Super Kids Established

Look – there, in south Orlando! It’s the BrightStart League of Super Kids!

To inaugurate and celebrate the formation of this group of super PPEC patients, BrightStart welcomed a dynamic duo from the Guardians of Justice: Nightwing and Wolverine!

The formation of the BrightStart League of Super Kids was not just a random happening of Spring Break – it was in fact carefully planned in order to support the mission of finding Leprechaun gold, which may be hidden in and around the BrightStart Orlando center.

As it was March 17th, a moment of silence was called to ponder the notable absence of Green Lantern.
Staff have been working hard on continuing education units; we’re proud to report a nearly 100% pass rate on Coloring Inside The Lines!

BrightStart kids were able to get their caregivers to assist in creating a Leprechaun lure. This banner, when displayed, attracts the mischievous creatures and often prompts them to hide their gold nearby. 

Leprechaun lure.
Occupational Therapy talks claw safety and Play-Doh with Wolverine.

The search for the elusive Leprechaun gold is expected to extend operations into Thursday, said a BrightStart spokes-kid.

Ask your favorite local comic dealer for the highly anticipated debut issue of Action Therapists. Wolverine and Nightwing make an appearance!
Action Therapists #1 will have two variant covers with artwork based on scenes from today’s visit to BrightStart!

The return of Spring Break means a week of various activities and excitement at all the BrightStart centers – be sure to check out all our posts and photo galleries so you don’t miss a moment!

BrightStart President Linda Brown consults with skilled detective Nightwing on missing ink pens in the center, and congratulates Wolverine on embracing his binomial name. You go, Gulo gulo!

Did you know? Capes can also be used for haircuts or as a bib. Handy!