The Haunted PPEC!

Scary Dress Rehearsal for Halloween

… and if you stay perfectly still, you can hear a voice, echoing down the hallways …

… Nursing … Therapy …


Okay, so this is not a spooky haunted PPEC, but the crew at BrightStart Winter Garden went all out for a frighteningly good time in a pre-Halloween party.

The center was wonderfully decorated and highlighted recent art projects from the patients. 

Two Spideys? That was the difficult dilemma facing nursing staff.  Well, that and an extremely energetic group ready to bring on the October fun.

Patients undergo a candy shake-down search before the real trick-or-treating gets underway.
The ‘Catch A Two-Ton Boulder’ activity was a great idea that just didn’t turn out as planned, but no toddlers were injured.

Staff were also transformed with therapy taking on a whole new look through Amy Mouse, and Eileen the Raccoon, while nursing fitted out as felines, lady bugs, mice and … nurses.

Kids love a challenge, and the Houdini Chair was just that. 

Fortunately Not-so-Scareycrow-Tiffany had no worries about her flammability with Paw Patrol’s very own Marshall in attendance.

And yes, there was that bear.

BrightStart nurses recently completed the continuing education module Shoe Tying in a Pediatric Clinical Setting.
Eager to demonstrate, they later discovered that this skill was less helpful in costume fitting.

The girls were well represented as princesses were in residence. The ubiquitous Elsa kept her cool while Merida challenged the sweets tradition with a demand for haggis – but she did not seem too unhappy with some Skittles after all.

Who let them out? This dog let himself out on his own recognizance.

The costumed crew led a parade through the Winter Garden center to various stations for treats and general showing off. 

“It’s amazing! The Great Pumpkin always knows just what I want!”
All this nursing, therapy and love can make a kid dog-gone tired!

Thanks to the dedicated Winter Garden crew, who made plenty of fun to boo about! As virtual candy is still some years from development, we’re offering you the next best thing: this sweet new photo gallery!