Back to Pool!

Patients Soak Up August Sun & Fun

For almost everyone in the area, Wednesday was all about back to school. At BrightStart Pediatrics Winter Garden, it was all about back to pool.

For a variety of reasons the Winter Garden center’s water day (also known as Wet Wednesday) was exclusively a boy’s club, evidenced by the general rowdiness depicted here. Once this noisy group went in for lunch, a considerably more sedate therapy session occupied the pool.

Soooo quiet in here without boys.
While our Levitation Therapy certification is still in process, informal lessons are permitted in small groups.
Our instructor offers a helpful tip for youngsters: just give your pant legs a slight tug and you’re practically airborne.
Ninja babies! There are four of them in this photo!

Okay, that’s not even our original joke, but we probably made you look.

How much fun is this for you? Well, you don’t need a towel, for one thing, and looking at our latest photo gallery is much, much quieter than the activity was itself. Enjoy!