Boo-lando Kicks Off Hallo-weekend

Making October Last Longer

What’s yellow and orange, provides skilled pediatric nursing and therapy, and outshines everything around Southchase Plaza?

It’s BrightStart Orlando, of course!

We’re always one step ahead at BrightStart Pediatrics, which is why the Orlando center kicked off ‘Hallo-weekend’ on Friday. Patients and staff enjoyed a mild fright or two with healthy doses of fun and sweets.

Before the center emptied to occupy the plaza there was a typical Friday of nursing, therapy and love in progress, which got livelier and livelier as costumes began to appear.

Therapists: Unmasked!
When costume judging becomes judgy.

“MCU fatigue” is apparently still an entertainment health concern for staff and patients, prompting some face masks. It was the appearance of not one but two versions of Batman that caused concern for an outbreak of DC characters, but the spike was a temporary anomaly.

An otherwise healthy dose of characters came out to play … and yes, Elsa was also there.

Typical Central Florida October weather prevailed, making for a great time outdoors, unless you happen to be wearing a full costume of some kind. (No complaints from Linda the Sunflower!) 

“No, seriously – they’re giving out cupcakes on the second floor, you should go check it out.”
Which is more sparkly, the smile …
… or the shoes?
“Listen, it doesn’t matter if nobody knows what a Witch-Kitty-Pumpkin-Corn is – they just put the candy in the bag.”

With all hands on deck to contain the parade of patients we were so fortunate and grateful to have some family members join us.

BrightStart thanks all of our terrific friends in the Southchase Plaza who made our trick-or-treat parade a very special occasion for our patients!


Smile Dentistry

Dominican True Beauty

dd’s Discounts

Orange Nail Salon


Papa John’s Pizza

Hibbett Sports

Azteca D’Oro

Big high-fives to our neighbors at Hibbett Sports who were unable to participate in our parade but brought treats by for the kids, and also to our friends at Azteca D’Oro who provided lunch for the staff!

Sesame Street: The Teen Years
Oscar/Paola educates on the insensitivity of the phrase “Put a lid on it.”

We hope you have a weekend that’s full of fun and treats, but leave a little room for Monday when the party starts at the Sanford center. Meanwhile, open those eyes wide, here comes a new photo gallery!