Superheroes Gone Wild

Spring Break Inspires Costumed Mayhem

Super patients taught everyone a little something about rolling with the changes.

Patients at BrightStart Sanford revealed their inner superhero selves on Thursday. Spring Break 2021 was determined to be the cause for the toddler transformations.

Fortunately the incredible BrightStart staff was on hand to help wrangle these energetic young characters. 

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So incredible were the powers on display that an obstacle course and feats of strength demonstration gymnasium were set up for super-kids big and small to get in a workout. Patients were able to use their powers in a variety of ways – ‘weight’ lifting, constructing and tearing down, jumping and crawling, rescuing stranded animals and stranded motorists. (Spider Gwen was especially grateful for the tow.)

Our therapists stress the importance of having a spotter for big lifts …
… unless you’re already a serious lifter, like Amanda.

However, as Spring Break Fever took hold (easy, easy – it’s just an expression, keep your mask on) balloon and foam noodle madness erupted. The Sanford crew were glad to welcome some help – a pair of our friends from the Guardians of Justice!

Spider-Gwen and Dumbledore had a chance to visit with patients and assess their WQ (that’s Wild Quotient, in case you didn’t know). When they’re able to find a scale which accurately depicts this energetic rating, we’ll let you know. Meanwhile we’re sharing on-the-scene photos of the fun as it descended into pure spring break chaos … that is, super fun.

Even our guests had a go at the obstacle course!

The icing on the cake was a birthday celebration for Nurse Karen! Some patients spontaneously dropped to the floor with tribute push-ups in lieu of candles for safety reasons.

If you haven’t already, please learn more about our friends from the Guardians of Justice. You can check out their website and activities here.