Spring Break Pizza Therapy

No Limits on Slices of Fun

BrightStart has a long history of trail-blazing and innovation. Fun fact: Did you know our online galleries for Spring Break began all the way back in 2009? Fast forward to the future – that is, right now, when we’re about to go live with our Pizza Therapy Program – PTP!

Yes, Pizza Therapy – it’s a thing. Final approval for the PTP program is now working its way through the complex processes of state government. Not only that, but credentialing for a Pizza Therapist is profoundly difficult. The main degree, which covers traditional favorites as well as specialty pizzas, is more familiar. More complex specialty degrees require longer and more challenging education, such as the SCC (Stuffed Crust Certification) and the ASACC (Alternate Shapes & Angles Cutting Certification). 

Patients at BrightStart Winter Garden closed out their busy spring break working up an appetite with a busy morning. Play-Doh pizza was made from scratch and the preschoolers were plenty proud of their multicolored – and multi-layered – creations.

Bubble therapy kicked off a romp on the playground and a somewhat synchronized parachute activity: lift up, run under, scream a lot; or the option to just run and scream a lot. This was left over from the planned skydiving trip, possibly rescheduled for next year.

Friday afternoon was all about the movies, and anyone who didn’t get their fill of pizza certainly had great snack options available.

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets a crust tusk.

We’re back to a semi-relaxed schedule next week. Still plenty of nursing, therapy and love! Meanwhile we’ll share these pictures, but we warn you – check with your Pizza Therapist first, and don’t view the gallery if you’re hungry.