Santa Puts ‘Oh!’ in BrightStart Orlando

A stormy Central Florida Wednesday could not keep away the holiday cheer – Mr. Kringle and his elves paid a visit to BrightStart Orlando!

The always hospitality-ready Orlando crew, celebrating their annual holiday Pajama Day, laid out a cozy reception with treats and genuine holiday fireplace video in the lobby. (Yes, we know – pretty and environmentally friendly!) 

“My early visits are always for very important girls and boys,” Santa told us as he unloaded gifts for BrightStart Orlando patients. “Even though I’ll visit their homes on Christmas Eve, it’s important to me to tell them in person how much they’re loved and congratulate them for all they’ve done during the year.”

As with all Santa visits, some patients remember him fondly and can’t wait to say hello – others not so much, though everyone was genuinely excited about their gifts. 

With a week to go to Christmas, we know you’re busy – so if you didn’t get to join us for the fun, we’re sharing a new photo gallery!

Obviously, Santa is headed North to prepare for the big night. He said something about one more stop on his way out of Florida …

You know what – best for you to check in again here tomorrow, because there’s one more BrightStart location and it happens to be … north!