BrightStart Winter Garden Wonderland

Maybe it was just another Tuesday for most people – but for BrightStart Winter Garden, it was a big red deal! Santa Claus arrived with an army of elves for a visit with patients, their families and staff. 

We’ll leave you to guess which of our gang loved the experience or those who weren’t quite sure about it – overall, Mr. Kringle was well received and certainly made an impression with some early gifts!

Veteran elves had an opportunity to show their counterparts just how much fun it is to hang out with the cool kids and their tireless caregivers. Therapy elves enjoyed a rather typical day.

Santa’s visit certainly got the holidays in full swing! 

Fair warning … Santa said he wasn’t done with early visits this year. Could he be headed for another BrightStart location? Check in again with us tomorrow – same Bright time, same Bright channel!

Enjoy our latest photo gallery!