Holiday Magic Unwrapped at BrightStart Sanford

What do you know – Santa did have one last stop on his way to the North Pole, and it was at BrightStart Sanford!

With a group of elves (fresh faces & veterans) the man in red brought gifts for the girls and boys, and had a chance to chat with them. We were fortunate to be able to have some of our families join us as well!

An awkward moment when traffic elves were called to remove the gift-wrap boot from this scooter parked overnight in a restricted area.

To celebrate, a super-healthy snack spread included donuts, pizza, holiday cookies and cupcakes, and plenty of coffee. There may have been vegetables or other things, but here on the BrightStart website we’re all about the fun and don’t much care about your diet.

Now our dedicated BrightStart crew is settling down for some nursing, therapy, and clean-up – and possibly a bit of a break before the Christmas holiday next week.

This is: (a) a toy; (b) a submarine; or (c) a holiday-themed modern art piece
Missles! All kids love ’em!
Apparently, this guy looks like the photographer, but without the camera.

And he’s off! Santa Claus said farewell to our crew at BrightStart Sanford and is on his way to launch for Christmas Eve.

We hope you’ve had a great time enjoying our photos from holiday celebrations at our centers.

Thank you, BrightStart families – for your support in every season!

Thank you, BrightStart staff – you earn a place on Santa’s good list every day!

Thank you, busy elves – we’re glad you could join our fun!

Finally, thank you, Santa Claus! You make our holiday season at BrightStart very bright indeed, and we are touched by your warmth, careful attention and the joy you bring to our patients, their families, and our staff. We believe!

… and we believe we’re looking forward to seeing Santa again next year!

Happy holidays to you, dear visitor – here’s another photo gallery!