Santa Makes Haste to Southchase

BrightStart Patients Enjoy Pre-Christmas Visit

How do you warm up a slight Florida chill at BrightStart Orlando? With a visit from Santa Claus!

Here we go again, let’s see what’s behind these doors … surprise! It’s nursing, therapy and love!

Wednesday saw the grand entrance of Santa, who brought gifts to his very special friends and had an opportunity to catch up on their busy year.

When it’s December 20th, and you’re not worried about whether your child is on Santa’s list, but nervous about what they might ask for.

Who helps Santa all year round? Elves, of course! There’s his regular crew at the North Pole, but when he’s traveling and making special stops (like BrightStart) he staffs from local Elf unions. Wednesday’s special guests from Valencia Local 837-23 were Brittany, Caitlyn and Marisa.

Many people don’t realize the completely different skillset needed for some elves, as when accompanying Santa to BrightStart. “It’s generally understood about the elves making toys and things,” he told us. “But on visits such as these, it’s the elves opening and un-packaging things. Different tools, different moves, and often pressure, while a child waits and watches.”

Elf Unboxing Squad
Liberating holiday gifts in style!

BrightStart certainly congratulates our Valencia trio for Wednesday’s performance, where they were challenged with simple pieces like gift bags with tissue topping all the way to fully encased toys.

Our holiday celebrations always bring something special, often in the form of patients and families who have graduated from BrightStart and come back to shock everyone by how wonderfully and quickly they’ve grown up. This year, our guests of honor were former patient Ryan and his mother Debbie. Ryan participated as an Elf volunteer and help Santa distribute gifts, love and joy.

We also want to go on record that while Debbie does have a degree of contact with the Office of Santa Claus, she is not our inside source there and has no access to the GBD. (That’s the “Good-Bad Database”, in case you didn’t know. Santa doesn’t use handwritten lists any more, this is 2023 … where have you been?)

Gift tissue – the perfect gift for the ‘Folder Mom’ on your list! See what we did there?
(This makes sense to only one person, so just nod and smile.)

So much fun makes time pass so quickly – Santa had to pick up a couple of reindeer from grooming and a few other errands, so he bid goodbye to everyone for this year.

If you open this gift, does it tell you what she’s thinking?
Evidence that Samantha may have been peeking at gifts from behind Santa’s curtain. Sad, really, because if she’d just waited she could see what they were.
Well, Santa knows now.

But the fun isn’t over … Santa has to head north, and that puts him in a direct line to visit one more BrightStart center. Don’t forget to check in again tomorrow!

We have just the thing while you’re waiting to see what happens … our latest photo gallery!