Santa Brings Cheer as Holiday Nears

Patients Wild About Mingle With Kringle

Oh what fun it is to be a BrightStart Sanford patient!

All together: “Yay. Socks.”

With only 72 hours left before his epic annual 218 million mile joyride across the globe, Santa Claus stopped in at BrightStart Sanford, bringing gifts to the children and some holiday education for the staff.

It seems there has been confusion for a newer generation of nurses about the personification of the holiday’s joyful spirit; they were expecting Santa Guaze. Just hours before the arrival of Mr. Claus saw a frantic Sanford crew re-decorating, dismantling the sterile gift wrap area and oddly decorated holiday blood pressure machine.

Elves in the Speech Language Pathology Workshop stay busy year round!

Most perplexing about this bizarre misunderstanding is how detailed the mistaken clinical fantasy took root, including the firm belief in a diminutive creature that monitored behaviors known as the Nurse in a Purse.

“There’s a code to excuse one pout and one cry each year, so use it if you need it!”

Luckily for everyone, the real Saint Nick was on hand to clarify orders on holiday fun.

Santa’s Visit Excitement Expectation Level Meter Reading: +10
Santa’s Visit Excitement Actual Level
Meter Reading: -1,000

BrightStart Sanford was honored to have more Valencia Elves join the fun, this time Kathryn and Melesa. As an added bonus we also welcomed Marie Vazquez-Brooks, Dean for Valencia’s School of Allied Health. Having visited BrightStart Winter Garden previously, she’s now on track to complete her BrightStart rotation by being an honored guest in Orlando next year.

Sure, kids got to see Santa and enjoy gifts, but things predictably derailed toward the end of his visit when a group carol broke in to a snowball fight. It’s fair to say that everyone, including Santa, were equally targeted.

Rare still image from Santa’s audition for bare-knuckle boxer Mickey O’Neil, a role he narrowly lost to Brad Pitt in the early 2000s.


What a wild, wonderful day at BrightStart! We’re so grateful to our dear friend Santa Claus for his time and attention during his busiest days of the year. We can’t wait to see him again next year!

It’s not all paint, glue and glitter activities at BrightStart. This month’s “Staying Completely Still & Expressionless” Method acting class has been a hit with the toddlers.

No one had the heart to tell him that the romance was seasonal.
Exclusive Behind The Scenes –
Stars & Their Stunt Doubles
Ted Claus (left) and Santa Claus.
Santa and our friend, the award-winning photographer Scarlet. Congratulations!

As we get ready for the big holiday this weekend, why not get refreshed with our latest photo gallery?

From everyone at BrightStart, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!