New Year Brings Healthy Start Coalition

Orange County’s Healthy Start Coalition Visits BrightStart

The Orlando center’s post-holiday routine got a healthy start with a visit from our friends at the Healthy Start Coalition of Orange County.

Due to their busy schedules, the coalition visitors toured the center on two different dates, hosted by BrightStart president Linda Brown.

This was an opportunity for members of the Nurse Family Partnership to see how our PPEC program functions first hand. For all but one visitor, it was their first experience to see how nursing, therapy and love coordinate for our patients.

Many thanks to our friends at the Healthy Start Coalition of Orange County – we’re looking forward to seeing them again soon and helping their clients get a bright start!

As part of BrightStart’s interactive experience, Linda leads visitors into nap time.

You can get more information about the Healthy Start Coalition of Orange County here.

Meanwhile, our centers have been making the transition from holiday decorations to hearts, as February is just around the corner. The days have been filled with plenty of play, including some great outdoor time in milder temperatures.

We’ve got some pretty sweet things happening in February, so make sure to check in with us again soon!