Power Couple, Heroes & Icons Shine

Buffet of Fun Entertains Patients at BrightStart Orlando

Just when you think it might cool down, the fun was heating up at BrightStart Orlando on Friday. Our friends from the Guardians of Justice went deep into their roster for a mix of iconic characters who visited with patients and staff.

Many of BrightStart Orlando’s patients donned costumes of their own to welcome the visitors. 

BrightStart staff were very busy as they ensured sanitization for our guests as they moved through the center and carefully interacted with patients.

“Stop right there!” she cried, and reached for the open case. But no one had the heart to tell her it was a sanitizing tool.

Power couple Snow White and Prince Florian were on hand to show that safety can be easy and elegant. For capacity reasons, Snow White’s assorted forest friends did not attend but sent their best wishes. As this was a weekday visit the dwarves were not available to join the group. (They’re in the mines … of course.)

Superman spent time with the clinical staff reviewing possible super-precautions. Following Supergirl’s lead from a visit earlier in the week, Superman showed off a mask for solidarity. He reminded us that his only concern during flu season had to do with Kryptonite, but a quick check of the center showed no trace of the powerful element.

Supergirl told us that she couldn’t get enough of the love and excitement from BrightStart patients, so she made the quick commute again from National City.

Rounding out the group was the very intimidating presence of Darth Vader. Perhaps scouting a location for a secret Imperial base, Vader made his way around the center and was unusually friendly. The only awkward moment came when he was confronted by Rey (who suspiciously resembles a staff member) about wearing a mask. This was resolved peacefully.

What a super Friday it was – a dry run for trick-or-treat fun next week!

Thank you to our great friends at the Guardians of Justice. Learn more about their organization here. We can’t wait to see you again!

Just a warning before you get to our latest photo gallery – it’s filled with smiles. Enjoy!