Girl Power at BrightStart Sanford

Dark Night Accompanies with Bat-Chivalry

Wait a minute – is it nearly Halloween, or is it just Tuesday?

Yes, it’s just Tuesday at BrightStart Pediatrics Sanford, where our patients enjoyed a continuously sanitized visit from members of the Guardians of Justice.

Girl power was on display. Managing an always-busy schedule, Supergirl flew in from National City. While immune to common infections, like all our guests she wore a mask for solidarity with our patients and staff. She graciously consulted with our nursing staff on sterilizing patient areas with heat vision, which is a nice option to have.

Staying healthy is a priority, but it’s equally important for girls and boys to work hard on thoughtfulness, resilience and compassion. The best person to whip up this kind of leadership excitement is Avalor’s crowned Princess Elena. Her nails proved a real inspiration for some of our young friends!

Balancing out all this sweetness, Batman dropped in from Gotham City, on display with his cool and sometimes edgy demeanor.

As is often the case, some kids were a bit reluctant to get to know him – or let him in their area.

There were plenty of high-fives – made possible by the careful and thorough sanitizing by the tireless caregiving staff.

Before heading back to their respective cities and kingdoms, the visitors got in some playground time and were judged by our patients to be pretty skilled with their ball bouncing. Snaps to our super friends!

BrightStart extends many thanks to our friends at the Guardians of Justice, who made this visit possible. Learn all about their organization here.

Now then, how about a look at this not-so-usual Tuesday? Here’s our latest photo gallery!