BrightStart Centers Enjoy Trick-or-Treat

Masks may be common this year, but they can’t stop fun, which is very contagious

Here is a scary thought: Some kids might not enjoy all sorts of trick-or-treat fun this year!

BrightStart Pediatrics isn’t about to let global events get in the way of a chance to party. Our patients need costumes and fun just as much as they need their nursing and therapy. What a treat – we’ve got it all covered!

Speaking of covered, BrightStart celebrated our non-scary Halloween this year with our infection control protocols at the front of the line.

BrightStart Sanford got the neighbors involved by providing treat guidelines, gloves and masks for a trick-or-treat parade through the Brio Business Center, followed by some fun inside. The weather was a treat all by itself!

Cue theme song: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Therapists … !”

BrightStart Orlando got a warm-up last week when some friends from the Guardians of Justice visited the center, and many patients gave their costumes a warm up wear. This week on Thursday and Friday, they had more dress-up fun and received pre-packaged treats.

Out west, BrightStart Winter Garden also hosted an inside party for patients with plenty of great costumes and pre-packaged treats.

We could tell you all about the crazy things we saw and heard – but seeing is believing. Get your own treat and take a look at our latest photos!

BrightStart Sanford

BrightStart Orlando

BrightStart Winter Garden