Music To Our Little Ears

BrightStart Orlando Grooves for Music Day

Take Two: Put your hands together for Music Day at BrightStart Orlando

We’re off to a magical place … BrightStart!

Oh, yes, and we’re drawing a little inspiration for things from Encanto.

New double vision glasses give kids twice the view!

The Room Four Gang got shaking early when they made their own instruments with assorted beads and cool tins. They not only sound great but are eye-catching!

Coloring and sticker time kept everyone just busy enough before Amber burst onto the scene for music therapy. From a therapeutic standpoint, the performance was nothing short of inspiring. From a musical standpoint, it was one awesome concert that kept the audience involved. Drums, bells, chimes, scarves and puppets all got their moment in the spotlight.

Yes, during all this joyful noise a regular dose of spring break nurisng and therapy continued.

Infants rocked the house with drum and chimes solos.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, Amber has left the building … why not shake up your day with a look at our latest photo gallery?