Aloha from BrightStart Sanford!

It’s Hawaiian Day. You’re Welcome.

Spring Break 2024 has erupted in a volcano of fun!

This year each day has a theme and associated movie to accompany all kinds of activity.

Take One: A look at Hawaiian Day at BrightStart Sanford. Moana was the inspiration for cool crafts, like painting Te Fiti rocks, and decorating coconut crab shells.

Te Kā is a lava monster. Reimagined for the pediatric audience as friendly molten rock in the form of Te Ka-itlyn.
Maui is actually much smaller in person!

The day really got going when Maui himself arrived in his camakau to show kids how to brave those Pacific waves. Speaking of waves, there was even some lū’au dancing on tap.

Guest photographer gets distracted with selfies.
Pediatric Occupational Therapy can also cover finance. Seen here, the infant savings course. Graduate toddlers handle more complex investment strategies before joining preschoolers in tax preparation.

Heihei now – it’s time to feast your eyes on our colorful fun!