Moving in the Bright Direction

Go Baby Go! Races to our hearts!

A BrightStart Sanford patient is moving in a bright direction thanks to her participation in the UCF Go Baby Go! Program.

Children with mobility issues are served through the UCF Go Baby Go! Program, which individually modifies ride-on cars to improve mobility.

BrightStart Physical Therapist Amanda Kummer helped coordinate enrollment, and along with family, our little patient attended the event with her Sanford Physical Therapy Assistant Sarah Bhimsingh.

STEM students at the Advanced Learning Academy in Maitland were a part of the exciting day. UCF Clinical Associate Professor Jennifer Tucker and Graduate Research Assistant Cami Osier led an interactive presentation to the class on the build and custom adaptation of the vehicle.

Environmentally friendly, the vehicle is battery and joy powered.

The sleek and sporty design incorporates a special “Go” button to accommodate our little patient’s difficulty with the standard pedal. Advanced features include a seat with anti-slip components and latex-free buckle, door safety locks, and remote control for Mom and Dad.

As with any new car, it was carefully detailed before delivery. Along with the custom personalized windshield, STEM students decorated the car in a Nemo theme (our patient’s favorite).

Custom model shown here in the Nemo package.

Sarah says that the driver was somewhat reluctant to try out her new ride at first, but we all remember our first time behind the wheel, right? With encouragement and some emotional support bubbles, she eventually took the vehicle on to the special track in the center of the classroom and managed to steer herself through a victory lap.

“Ah! That new car smell!”

Many thanks to the innovative and passionate members of the program for their special work highlighted here. BrightStart thanks our very driven therapy team members Amanda and Sarah for their great work, and of course, BrightStart would like to thank the family of our little patient for letting us share some of this special day.

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