Joy For All Girls and Boys

St. Nick a Hit in Orlando

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the BrightStart house … every patient was stirring with pure excitement!

The uncertainty of making that list …
… the triumph of making that list.

Holiday spirit decorated the doors and hallways on this busy Wednesday. Sure, a big celebrity was visiting, but it’s still the full portion of nursing, therapy and love on the menu at BrightStart.

We hope our gallery today will give some idea of the incredible outifts our little patients turned out in for their audience with St. Nick. They were a fantastic complement to the neatly wrapped gifts that our jolly guest brought for everyone.

The gifts! Turns out that Santa not only knows what girls and boys wants for Christmas, he also has a top secret network of nurses and therapists whose suggestions are vital to the final selections. 

Here a patient asks “Is it real?” in PPEC Patient Sign Language (PPSL).
“… down a lit chimney … Crisp Kringle! Ah, seriously, that is funny!”

Santa’s helper elf took on the day’s activity solo and was plenty busy with gift distribution and unboxing. She looks vaguely familiar, but don’t all the elves? Alright, alright, before we get into trouble with the local elf union – she’s getting day two of her BrightStart fix after duty at Winter Garden yesterday. Well done!

BrightStart was so fortunate that some parents and family members were able to join us – thank you! We also had the pleasure of distinguished guests Jeanetta, Jackson and Lindsey – partners in our Central Florida network of resources and care getting to see how we make the sun shine even on cloudy days.

Real warning inside the box of one of Santa’s gifts. And you thought having your kid get a drum set was gonna be a problem.
Time for the obligatory heartwarming photo.

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