Jingle, Jingle, It’s Mr. Kringle

Holiday Joy Takes Root in Winter Garden

How does he do it?

The Christmas holiday is more than a week away, and how could Santa possibly stop in the middle of his busiest time of the year and show up in Florida?

It’s simple: He’s Santa Claus, he’s real, and this is BrightStart Pediatrics.

Santa’s pre-visit briefing covers a variety of topics: Criers, screamers, runners, and rapid gift un-boxing.
BrightStart thanks our visiting elves April and Viviana for making the day even more fun and keeping those gifts organized!

Our visit was carefully monitored and supervised by Lead Safety Elf Nurse Karen, who maintained sanitizing between visits and prepared our day and activities in coordination with our medical directors. 

Our “Healthy Breakfast December” is going strong …
… patients absolutely love it!

This year saw the return of Santa’s elves, whose help and extra cheer were invaluable.

This is:
a) synchronized Elfing;
b) an attempt at the Macarena;
c) learning our Left and Right.

And what a visit! Santa brought a gift for each patient and with a few exceptions they were pretty excited to see him.

BrightStart Winter Garden patients have been busy with all sorts of art to celebrate the holiday season.
This fine piece is perfect for those sub-70 Florida days.

No point in spoiling it all with words – here’s our latest photo gallery!