Santa Fun in ’21

No Time To Pause … For Mr. Claus!

He’s known by many names … he’s known all over the world … and this week, he has no time to pause.

Because he’s Santa Claus!

Makes sense that a man with his powers of travel also has unlimited energy. Our official Cheer-o-meter™  spiked at maximum when Santa arrived in all his holiday glory at BrightStart Sanford.

It’s also a good thing that Santa has unlimited energy. He needed it for the huge welcome waiting for him!

The incredible Sanford crew were divided into different categories of holiday helpers: nursing staff as snow-nurses (because they’re cool), therapy as reindeer, aides and transport as elves. Make no mistake, that elf category is where some heavy lifting happens. Those stockings aren’t going to fill themselves!

On top of that, the Sanford center has been transformed into it’s own holiday decoration, showcasing the priceless artwork of patients and the staff. (Yes, that’s an igloo under construction in the hallway – it’s where therapy can chill out.) One of Santa’s back-up sleighs, used for quick area deliveries, was on display along with it’s three-discipline therapy engine.

The careful and thoughtful input of BrightStart Sanford staff helped Santa deliver gifts that were perfectly suited to each wonderful girl and boy.

Helping today, from the Valencia Elves Union Local 246, Elf April (suspiciously familiar) and Elf Sarah … not to be confused with Reindeer Sarah, in case it wasn’t clear. 

We’ve mentioned all the nice holiday outfits, and it’s time to address shoes. Santa tells us Mrs. Claus is very interested in the stylish footwear of our patients. Therefore, we’ve included a few nice specimens in the gallery for your envious viewing.

Whenever Santa visits, a few hours seem like only minutes. Once gifts were delivered and all the children had a chance to visit, he was on his way.

“I’m so happy with all the BrightStart children I’ve had a chance to visit and can’t wait to come back to see them again next year!” Santa told us. He also thanked BrightStart President Linda Brown, who was unable to attend festivities this year. To no one’s surprise, she did indeed make the good list. 

Santa’s visit was only a small part of the holiday celebrations happening as we approach Christmas Eve! Still to come at Sanford: snow ball fights, obstacle courses, elf-finding and a scavenger hunt are just some of the fun.

Before we close our Santa visit posts for this year, it’s time for a sincere thank you to the man himself. BrightStart is so blessed to have the love, care and attention of such an important visitor every year. Thank you, Santa Claus – we believe!

By the way, there were some terrific treats laid out for visitors today. We can’t offer you one of the delicious donuts, but here’s a treat: our latest photo gallery!