Joy and Cheer Greet Santa at BrightStart

Winter Garden Patients Erupt in Celebration

Best way to spend a Tuesday in mid-December 2020? A visit from Father Christmas himself – Santa Claus!

What a wacky year it’s been for the patients at BrightStart Winter Garden, but through it all they maintained premium spots on Santa’s Good List™. It was only fitting then that Headquarters North Pole got in touch with BrightStart about Santa making an appearance before Christmas.

The man in the red suit is coming!

BrightStart kids sure got excited about – wait, is that … ?

Okay, not the same man in the red suit.

While Santa’s usual gaggle of elves were unavailable (travel restrictions) a Safety Elf was appointed to maintain cleanliness and disinfecting between each child’s visit. We were fortunate enough to have families join us as well, after patiently queuing up outside before their photo op (masks off for photos only). In between all the cheer there was plenty of holiday hand washing, sanitizing gel, and Santa spraying (with disinfectant, that is). 

Some children went into Santa-love mode immediately; others, not so much! But when Mr. Claus had a gift for each child, things warmed up considerably.

Santa demonstrates defensive technique during his “Infection Control and Gift Safety” inservice.

Many, many thanks go out to our BrightStart crew. They are hardly as visible in this year’s safety-restricted holiday event, but behind the scenes they’re busy serving up nursing, therapy and love, along with some great decorating!

He’s checking that list twice.

If he has to check it twice, does that make you nervous?

Check in again with us tomorrow – Santa still has two more BrightStart centers to visit this week – which means you get more holiday smiles.

Meanwhile, get a snack and settle in with our latest photo gallery!