Happy Children at BrightStart: Santa Claus Arrives!

Patients and Most Staff Make ‘Good List’

Never mind the mask – it’s the man with the bag!

Patients and staff at BrightStart Orlando got a holly jolly kind of mid-week bump with a visit from Santa Claus.

These specially designed Safety Elf boots generate an electrostatic field and actually cut through germs and bacteria…

Nah, not really. They’re just boots.

With the help of a designated Safety Elf as well as holiday cheer-leader Linda Brown (see what we did there?) the day was organized so that Santa had a chance to deliver gifts and talk to children and families with safety being the first priority.

The Orlando crew got into the holiday spirit with a long-standing tradition of pajama day. Fleece seemed the sophisticated choice over flannel, but the trend that set the PJ fashion world on fire was matching with parents. Comfortable, warm, and cute – there’s still time for you to get on this yourself, dear reader!

Every one of our BrightStart patients, from smallest to getting tallest, was on Santa’s Good List™ (no real surprises there). Learning toys were the order of the day and were received with great delight. Most everyone was also delighted to have a visit with Santa, and a few that were a bit shy were lucky enough to have a parent along for the ride.

Pajama top slogan does not represent the views of all BrightStart patients or staff.

Behind the scenes

Santa made use of this cool drawing toy to illustrate an early prototype of a creature originally intended to pull his sleigh. The design is still being considered for tactical holiday delivery missions.

Mr. Kringle said he was anxious to begin his way North, with one more stop before final flight operations on Christmas Eve. Check in again with us tomorrow! We have inside information that there are a group of good little boys and girls at BrightStart Sanford who are ready to get this holiday party started!

While you’re waiting, here’s a new photo gallery full of fun and smiles.