Holiday Commando Stuns Orlando

Out with the blahs, In with Mr. Claus

BrightStart Orlando paid attention to our last post – their lobby was decorated for a holiday treat spread, perfect to welcome the star of the holiday season, Santa Claus!

How does Santa enter a PPEC? No chimney, of course. Kudos to these young adventurers who searched the center for hidden floor hatches under cribs; turns out he just comes in through the front door.

With the busiest time of his season in full swing Mr. Kringle landed at the Orlando center with a twinkle in his eye, a pair of Valencia Elves and gifts for all the BrightStart patients.

Which describes how we’re feeling about the party today!
Friends forever.

Clever and inquisitive BrightStart patients raised a tricky question for Papa Noel: Why doesn’t he arrive on the rooftop, click click click and all that? The simple answer speaks to our busy modern times and location: traffic at Orlando International Airport and joyless city codes which prohibit flying vehicles on the roof of retail properties. For critical but somewhat stealthy holiday missions like a visit to BrightStart Orlando, Santa employs a cleverly disguised civilian vehicle to reach his target guerilla-style. 

If BrightStart was a gameshow the prize behind every door is always nursing, therapy or love, or all three on busy days.

Santa had a chance to visit with patients and brought gifts ahead of the big night just a few sleeps away. He offered children expert advice on stocking placement, Christmas tree safety, and last minute behavior hacks. More importantly, Santa just let kids be kids and his infectious cheer spread through the center … oh, calm down already, it’s a metaphor.

Sadly, some reindeer remain defiant after discipline for bullying a red-nosed coworker. We’ll see who gets to lead the sleigh.
Oh, you heard about that, too?

We’d like to thank the Orlando staff for all their hard work to make Christmas come true for our patients. Our BrightStart families also have our heartfelt thanks for letting us care for their children.

Thank you Santa Claus, and Valencia Elves (Local Union 246): Crystal and Angelina.

Santa is off, leaving behind a trail of joy, smiles and little bits of gift wrap. He told us he has one more important visit here in Central Florida before Christmas Eve. Be sure to visit us here online again tomorrow!

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