Santa Shocks, PPEC Rocks

St. Nick a Big Kick Before Christmas

What’s this? A man in a red suit bustling into the BrightStart Sanford center, just two days before Christmas Eve?

It’s Santa Claus, of course!

Sanford made the most of their holiday decorating with a Polar Express theme, which ensured that no one missed their stop!

Santa-phobia overcome …
… Santa-phobia begins!

Santa laughed when we expressed some nervousness waiting for his visit. “Each year is different, but two weeks or two days before Christmas, I always make time for my little friends at BrightStart Sanford.”

A trio of Valencia Elves elves in tow, Santa held court in a special area to visit with the children and enjoy their opening of gifts carefully curated by the Sanford staff. It was a treasure of wonderful presents and treats.

All smiles because they got a “I Survived BrightStart Holiday 2022” t-shirts. Well done!

Not only was it a celebration for our current little patients but a wonderful reunion with some of BrightStart’s graduate patients and their families.

Things took a turn for the rowdy once the last gift was distributed. There are conflicting reports about who started it, but a full-on snowball brawl erupted. (Florida snowballs are made of recycled paper and puffy fabric.) The battle raged with various factions and no clear winner; a good time was had by all and no patients were harmed. 

As we close our holiday season – and 2022 – so many thanks are in order to our BrightStart staff. We’re so grateful for our families, who put their trust in us to care and love for their children throughout the year.

Oh! It does that!

Thanks to our special guests the Valencia Elves, Anthony, Hailey and Michelle, who got a chance to see our centers in action and be a part of the big Christmas celebration.

Our holiday season has been full of fun and magic, thanks in no small part to Santa Claus! He’s a blessing for us and makes our December days very bright.

Thank you, Santa!

Thank you for stopping by to see our holiday galleries, and we’ll see you in the new year!