Frenzied Welcome For Santa Claus at BrightStart

Third Day of Holiday Madness Grips Sanford

Who was that masked man?

For little veterans of the holiday season at BrightStart, that’s an easy answer, but you must shout it out as loud as you can and squeal with joy: It’s Santa!

Indeed, Mr. Claus received a warm and wild welcome at BrightStart, capping off his visits to our centers this week with a final stop in Sanford.

“I love the smell of disinfectant in the morning!” Santa heartily declared.

Safety Elf Nurse Karen, along with BrightStart President & Lead Disinfector Linda Brown, oversaw the process of creating a joyful holiday experience while maintaining carefully planned infection control protocols.

We’d show you a gallery of pictures of all that, except we know that’s not why you’re here. (If it is, please seek help!) We could also go into exquisite detail about how it was planned and executed, but studies show you’re not reading this now, and have only visited the site for the photos.

Karen’s previous career as a sidewalk artist is vital to the implementation of safety.

Behind the scenes this year our patients have made tremendous progress and a few have had extraordinary challenges and difficulty. It’s worth mentioning because sometimes our holiday galleries feature tears – but this year especially there were tears of joy and gratefulness.

The day was even more special thanks to visits from some of our extended BrightStart family – patients that have graduated from our program but stopped by to give thanks and love to their BrightStart crew.

As for the party at BrightStart Sanford, it was plenty wild and we’ve got the photos to prove it! There were gifts, laughter, holiday music, singing – everything you could want in a Christmas celebration, including a snowball fight and an automatic bubble machine. Whether that part was instigated by the center’s Elf is unclear, but it was all fun!

A rare glimpse at the one-man security detail for Santa at Sanford: Meet Ted. His other support role is uniform inspection; Santa passed today, while two infants were cited for wrinkled onesies.
A lighter moment when Santa and a fan from the audience covered “Blue Christmas” – a capella, no less!

Thank you to our BrightStart Sanford crew for whipping up a holiday frenzy! And thank you to our BrightStart families who visited with us!

Most of all, we want to thank Santa Claus. Yes, it’s really him. And we are so blessed by his holiday spirit and love for our patients and their families. Thank you, Santa – and we can’t wait to see you again next year!

Alright then: Get your snacks, get seated, and get a look at our latest photo gallery!