Bright To The Bone

Pint-Sized Pumpkins Leave Trail of Smiles

Welcome to Friday at BrightStart Sanford! Patients and staff enjoyed such a wild party that we hope Halloween can live up to the hype this weekend!

Looking for a variety of costumed cuteness? You’re in the right place. From tiny tots emulating Elmo to wild werewolves and fashionable Native Americans (plus a crew of Catboys!), there was no shortage of fun. Topped off, by the way, with the blessing of Sister Kim from the Sacred Order of Front Desks.

We’re pretty sure that everyone in the Brio Business Center took time out of their morning to hand out treats and give compliments to our Halloween parade – and what a kind, thoughtful treat they were! Here’s something scary: Some of our neighbors have been part of the Sanford center’s Halloween celebration for more than a decade. BrightStart offers its sincerest thanks for your participation and time!

“After they put it in the bag, say ‘Thank you’ and maintain eye contact. Just don’t move. They’ll keep putting more in until you walk away.”

Everyone was dancing in the street … safely, and with adult supervision!

Some kids enjoyed special cool status because they were able to have some family join for the parade, which moved through the area with its own kid-friendly Halloween soundtrack and inspired – yes, you guessed it – spontaneous dance parties along the way.

The parade and trick-or-treat run was only the beginning of the madness, as some of our patients dared to enter the Fun Room. Here the suitably wound up kids took flight in a Paw Patrol helicopter, showed off their balloon and ball skills with a giant ghost throw, and cast their lines for some magnetic fishing.

“No, no, I’m serious – I just, like, keep staring and she keeps putting candy in the bag, until finally it’s so heavy I gotta have somebody carry it for me!”

If any of this sounds too crazy to be true, we have the pictures to prove it! Grab your favorite treat and take a look at our latest photo gallery!