BrightStart’s Twenty-Twenty-Boo Halloween

Little Pumpkins on the Loose in Sanford

Just one more advantage to being a BrightStart Sanford patient – no waiting for sundown to get a Halloween party underway.

“Okay, but what I ordered was a double pumpkin-spice latte with cream, not a vanilla-mocha espresso.”
Just thinking about all these treats can wear a Minion right out.

A rowdy collection of little pumpkins, superheroes, and some visitors from Encanto took over the Brio Business Center for some fresh air and candy to celebrate Halloween on Monday morning.

Oh, and there was plenty of sunshine, and with it, a rather warm day!

The Sanford center was decorated for the occasion with plenty of cool kid art and fall decor.

Nurse Karen kicked off the pageantry with kid-friendly and favorite music, leading the smallest and tallest of patients. Neighbors in the Brio Business Center had smiles and treats for the trick-or-treat parade that happily included lots of parents and family members. 

“I think this photo guy has been following us, I’m going to say something.”

What Halloween celebration would be complete without lots of candy, age-appropriate party favors, and – of course! – pumpkin-spice Pediasure! Well, maybe not, but don’t be surprised if someone does it by next year. 

You can’t have a dream team of therapists unless the therapists are just dreamy.
New this October – pumpkin-spice pizza! … just stop, already.

Thanks to our neighbors in the Brio Business Center who helped make the day special, and thanks for our terrific BrightStart families and staff! 

Fun & Function: This year, treat buckets are also Class III helmets, for protection against softer bite-sized bars up to full size lollipops.
Always glad to have the mummies visit.

Now it’s your turn – get one hand in the candy bag and the other ready to click into our latest photo gallery!