No Fiddling Around at BrightStart

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Rocks the Shamrock

Friday saw our PPEC centers get the jump on the St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans by going green ahead of the official date, which falls on the weekend this year.

Our research turned up a classic Irish saying: The best PPEC is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have.

Of course it’s true – have a look at all these lucky lads and lassies at BrightStart!

Jared recalls how his ancestor, Seamus O’Bargers, drove all the snakes out of BrightStart.

BrightStart is, after all, the gold standard in PPEC. But hey, we don’t want to keep harping on it. (C’mon, that’s pretty clever … harp!)

BrightStart centers celebrated with all sorts of activities – green food, green outfits, crazy rainbow parachute and balloon activities and more.

On top of that, patients found gold coins just about everywhere. We’re sharing a gallery of crazy green fun as it unfolded at BrightStart Sanford.

Irish superhero Blarney Boy seen here during a cape fitting for his costume.
Training for our Spring Break Rock Climbing at El Capitan is in full swing.
That face you make when people think you did your hair like a leprechaun and it’s your every day look.

Right: Traditional Irish dance moves on display.

Alright then – time to cop on to yourself and check out our latest photos!