Winter Garden Disco Day

Dance Fever No Cause for Nursing Alarm

How often does BrightStart get excited when everyone has a fever?

Well, only when it’s Disco Fever, of course!

In fact, it’s the only time in BrightStart history when patients and staff had to show symptoms in order to gain entry to the Winter Garden center.

Monday saw the mirror ball drop for Winter Garden’s end of summer celebration. This was not your ordinary nursing and therapy pad. The crew here stepped right out of the 70’s with their fashion.

Pre-dance head-banding ceremony

Patients and staff turned out in every groovy color and pattern you can imagine.

Look for our exclusive BrightStart 70s Glamour Vision™ images randomly scattered throughout the gallery.

What a great Monday for the dance party! While the heat blazed outside, everyone was stayin’ alive in the warmth of a disco inferno. (Mmmhmm. We did that.)

Bad dancing? Too many cut-ins?
Glow-Stopper™ temporarily immobilizes the bad boy boogie and is safe for all ages!

We rushed down to the Fotomat to bring you our latest gallery (that’s a little 70s reference, in case it wasn’t obvious).