Sanford Summer Celebration

Patients Get Big Kicks From Party Mix

What’s your style?

Classic 50s rock ’n roll? 70s anthems? 80s pop?

You’re in luck, because we’ve got it. All of it!

Tuesday saw BrightStart Sanford celebrate their end of summer bash. Multi-colored lights, glow sticks and mirror balls provided the backdrop. Patients and staff picked their own costume themes for a perfect blend of everything you can imagine.

Things really light up with ‘Nurse Sandy’s Klassic Karaoke’.
When you can’t believe you found your favorite album on vinyl.

Just about everyone’s favorite song got a play, as well as the participatory standards ‘Bear Hunt’ and ‘The Goldfish (Let’s Go Swimming)’.

Bigger patients were extra-big helpers for their smaller friends. Just before lunch, they led everyone through the center on a musical parade for the patients who weren’t able to join the big loud dance room.

Event bouncers Li’l & Big Man.
“Excuse me, but there’s no parking on the dance floor.”

We’ve got a lot to show off – feel free to dim the lights and dance along with our latest photo gallery!