We Are BrightStart Pediatrics

How often do you hear or see something that begins with: We are … ?

We. We. We. As often as you hear and see that, do you know who “we” are?

We are the most unique PPEC provider in central Florida, serving medically fragile infants and children, in facilities and settings customized to the developmental level of our patients.

We are authentic. We share real content on our website – never stock images, just updated photos, video and information featuring actual kids and activities.

You can see exactly who we are – from key staff to a variety of the patients and families we serve, on our website and in our materials. This is us.

We’ve been doing it, saying it, showing it and proving it for more than a decade.

We’re encouraging you to share what you see here, whether you’re a part of our BrightStart family now, considering us as a PPEC provider, or know someone that may need our very special program of nursing, therapy and love.

We are BrightStart Pediatrics.