The Great Pumpkin Day

Open Season on Fall Fun

Patients at BrightStart Winter Garden got into the October groove with The Great Pumpkin Day and October Obstacle Course.

Who knew that there were so many little pumpkins hiding at Winter Garden? It happened that the whole place was teeming with enough specimens for every BrightStart kid to catch their limit on Tuesday.

Beware of gourd hoarders.

While the little pumpkins were in abundance, there was no sign of the fabled Cucurbita Maxima, first documented in 1966 by the legendary Linus Van Pelt, who pursued the fabled fall character through this area. It’s said that Van Pelt’s obsession with the great orange gourd created a permanent superstition in the area among residents, and that’s why there are so few pumpkin patches in the Winter Garden area.

Little pumpkin riot in three … two …
Getting through the obstacle course with a little help from her friends!
“Yeah, please don’t say pumpkin spice again – ever.”

We should point out that no pumpkins were harmed in this mostly catch-and-release activity.

Further excitement was had in the great October Obstacle Course, where the Winter Garden Therapy Team put kids through their paces. “Stamina is our priority right now,” according to Physical Therapy Assistant Amy. “That’s going to bring in the most candy next Tuesday.”

With Central Florida temperatures dipping in to the 80s, how about some smiles to warm up? Here’s our latest photo gallery!