Super Graduation Celebration

Any Friday is a good day for having a super hero adventure! The crew at BrightStart Sanford are celebrating some graduates this month, a perfect time for a visit from our friends at the Guardians of Justice.

Patients donned their favorite costumes – or mixes of them – to welcome a fun-filled visit from Spiderman, Spider-Gwen (all the way from Earth-65, before you complain about your commute!), Black Panther, Captain America and Mr. Incredible.

Marvel vs DC Universe discussions became very emotional.

For the most part, BrightStart patients were super-excited to hang out with their friendly heroes in person, while a few took some time to warm up to the idea – and a couple just wouldn’t have any part of it, thank you.

BrightStart extends its heartfelt thanks again to our dear friends at the Guardians of Justice, who took time away from their busy day as regular citizens to bring some joy to our Sanford center. You can learn all about them and the cool things they do on their website – just click here.

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