Summer Splashdown at Sanford

100% Concentrated Fun. Just Add Water.

Our PPEC centers have usually picked Wet Wednesdays for our water activities, but we’re giving fair warning that any day with sunshine will do.

This week officially kicked off our summer of nursing, therapy and love, with Wet Wednesday rocking the Orlando and Winter Garden centers. Just because they can, the Sanford center celebrated on Thursday, and as you’ve come to expect here, we have the pictures to prove it.

For the most part, patients took to the water like little ducklings – and the staff showed no hesitation in fairly cool water.

That look you get when you’re comfortable on your float, but still waiting for your drink with the little umbrella in it.

There are still plenty of wet and wild activities to come, so plan to check back. Meanwhile just grab your towel and your snack and check out the latest photo gallery!