Prescribed Pediatric Extended Carnival!

Birthday Bash Brings Party For All

The BrightStart Sanford center enjoyed a party of epic proportions on Tuesday!

Thanks to the generosity of one of our BrightStart families, the entire crew enjoyed a ‘day out’ as the center was transformed into a carnival. Once you see what the therapy team can do with those games, you’ll never look at them the same again.

Clown nose, anyone? These foamy bits of fun were a big hit for clowning around.

Patients enjoyed a variety of challenges at their own level to win an assortment of prizes. The concession stand represented all your seasonal favorites: cotton candy, chips, and animal crackers. (No dietician are ever invited to BrightStart functions.) Great fun was had in the photo booth, and the snow-cone cart delivered icy goodness and classic candy colored lips for everyone.

The latest from our Kid Weather Center.
Nursing Pro Tip: Anybody can walk into a room. Enter your area with style!

Things were topped off with an all-you-can eat pizza lunch.

Many, many thanks go out to Crystal, Ken and Arden for sharing their family’s special day with everyone at BrightStart.

Thanks of course to the dedicated BrightStart staff for making a nursing and therapy center into a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Carnival.

Also, special thanks to our guest assistant photographer Scarlet, who captured some absolutely fantastic images in our gallery.