Small Scares, Big Fun

Winter Garden Patients Haunt Neighbor Businesses

Patients and staff at BrightStart Pediatrics Winter Garden got the jump on Halloween fun Wednesday and scared up plenty of treats to show for it.

Some of our neighbors helped get our trick-or-treaters filled up during a trip around our area, with weather just warm enough to wear a few kids out.

What a sight they were! A fine cross-section of characters sweetened the day, and some cool kids even brought family to stoke up the excitement. Well done!

“… free candy? And I’m like, ‘Yeah, bring it!

Back in the center there were still plenty of tricks and specially made treats to be had. One room of the patient care area became a jungle (more so than usual) and another hosted the Skeleton Crew, complete with not-too-scary decor. The finishing touches were applied throughout the center with art on display that the patients have been working on during October.

No bones about it – even after that busy morning and lunch, the pre-school gang was all-in on the Halloween Egg Hunt, a significant challenge that stirred up plenty of noise and rushing about.

Anisha in the lobby.
Anisha in the therapy gym.
Anisha in her office.

Staff were of course outfitted for the occasion, but none quite as thoroughly as Anisha, whose incarnation of the Invisible Woman confounded everyone for the entire party.

It was all great practice for Halloween weekend! Special thanks to our neighbors for their time and thoughtful consideration today:

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Advanced Kidney Care

Winter Garden Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

Athena Care Resources

Of course you’re not leaving empty-handed – here’s a treat for you, our latest photo gallery!