Sanford Patients Do The Zoo

It’s PPEC. With an alpaca.

BrightStart has always embraced the wild side of spring break, and for more than a decade (yep, you read that right) we’ve welcomed our friends from Noah’s Landing Petting Zoo as one of our activities.

On Tuesday Noah’s Landing made landing at the Sanford center – make sure you check back here on Thursday, when the animals arrive at Winter Garden.

An alpaca from Noah's Landing Zoo.

It was a real hay-day, with patients enjoying (in varying degrees) baby goats, bunnies, chickens … and yes, an alpaca!

Not every patient digs the petting zoo experience, so kids also had a chance to dig for animals in the sand. These are plastic toy animals, in case you started getting nervous.

Patient in the sand play area.
Speech Therapist Jared and chicken companion.
What did the chicken say to the Speech Therapist?
Local duck.
A local duck observes the proceedings.

Thank you to the Zoo Crew, Candiss and Carlee! You can learn all about Noah’s Landing here. Meanwhile have a look at our latest photo gallery!