Orlando Super Friday 2019

Super Friday! It’s BrightStart’s annual fun day of comic and movie fun with special guests and it was a cozy mashup of universes.

No wonder the cool kids hang out at BrightStart.

Bat-Start Pediatrics, how may I help you?”

Bringing smiles in a dash of red, white and blue was the first Avenger himself, Captain America.

Shining a light of high-fives and imagination was Green Lantern. His sleek visor and powerful (not to mention fashionable) ring was a big draw for little hands. Good thing he got all that stuff back at the end of the visit!

Rolling in from a galaxy far away was a Jedi Knight accompanied by none other than Rey, allowing girl power to show some Force. What a coincidence – and a relief – that our caregiving staff just had a lightsaber safety inservice earlier in the month! 

Who are these genuine super friends that bring plenty of smiles to BrightStart’s annual Super Friday? They’re dedicated members of the Guardians of Justice. You can click here for a link to their website to see more of their incredible team and their events.

Super Friday goes by with super speed so if you missed it, you missed a lot of fun. Lucky for you, we have some photos to share. Now then – whoosh! – it’s off to the photo gallery!