Make ‘m Smile 2016

It doesn’t matter how many people show up for the annual Make ‘m Smile event sponsored by Nathaniel’s Hope – it was about 40,000 last year, by the way – it’s a big fun day in the sun and we love getting to see all of our friends!

BrightStart families past, present and future visited our area right on Lake Eola and got hugs and some cool stuff from their family of caregivers. Also joining us for the fun, Claudia and Jael got plenty of face-time with their face painting set up. (We lost count on how many Spider-kids there were.) Dishing out their own brand of fun nearby were the Guardians of Justice.

Thank you to all of our BrightStart families and friends for stopping by to visit with us!

Thanks, of course, to our dedicated BrightStart crew, including Claudia and Jael (Jellybean Facepainting), and all those heroes and handlers at Guardians of Justice.

See you again next year!