BrightStart’s Super Friday

Not just any Friday – it’s Super Friday!

Now something of an annual tradition, superhero friends stop by to visit BrightStart Orlando on their way to the madness that is MegaCon at the Orange County Convention Center. (Future PPEC field trip? Yes, that is a good idea …)

Our fantastic friends from the Guardians of Justice brought their very own brand of fun and excitement to patients and staff, and what a group!

Girl power was on display: Black Widow, poised more for some tenderness today than to unleash justice on bad guys, and Rogue, whose mutant powers helped calm down more excited patients.

Representing the high-visibility category was Batman, well received and equally as terrifying for some, and just plain awesome in the Batsuit. Rounding out the group in fine form was Deadpool, who demonstrated a very kid-friendly, almost cultured demeanor that will likely be the subject of ridicule from his friends. Maybe not as much as having his ninja weapons swiped by a three year old, but that’s another story.

We’re so thankful for the dedication of this wonderful group. If you haven’t already, make sure to click on their name in the text above to check out their website and get the latest updates on their many visits and events – you will certainly see them in action at the Make ‘m Smile event.

Meanwhile a big online high-five goes out to some alter egos: Skeet, Valerie, Thomas, Vanessa and Tracy.

Keep an eye out for more superhero stuff … after all, BrightStart can’t open a new PPEC without having a superhero survey!